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Safe and Healthy

iMaid CS is helping companies and home owners to combat COVID-19, we have special equipment and products approved by the EPA and CDC.

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      is different than cleaning.

What is cleaning?

Cleaning removes dirt and many germs from surfaces. Cleaning works by using soap or detergents and water to physically remove germs from surfaces. The process does not necessarily kill germs, but reducing or removing them it lowers the number and the risk of spreading the infection.


What is disinfecting

Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces by using CDC approved disinfectants. Disinfecting does not clean dirt off of surfaces. Dusting is required before disinfecting any surfaces for it to be effective. (Get 25% off in your Cleaning Services when you schedule your disinfection services)

We want to share with you the steps we are taking to safeguard your home or office and clean for health and improved hygiene.

  • We implemented usage an EPA certified sanitizer and disinfecting effective against COVID 19. The product is an institutional cleaner used hospitals, nursing homes, schools and food services. It is 100% safe for you as they evaporate off surfaces after about 10 minutes and eliminate nearly all of the possible pathogens you would encounter. 

  • Our employees take extra hygiene steps as they enter and leave all homes and offices. These include sanitizing their hands before entering a home or office, wearing gloves and masks throughout the cleaning process.

  • Our vacuums are certified to filter out particles smaller than the Coronavirus so any particles that might make it onto a floor surface will not be recirculated into the air. This also improves indoor air quality by removing most allergens and irritants in your home. After each home our vacuums will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

  • We have closed-loop cleaning processes. Only clean tools, equipment, and supplies enter your home. Clean mops and cloths are disinfected with bleach and hot water laundry. The same with microfiber cloths, and after they have been used on high-risk surfaces they are removed from cleaning for the day. 

  • We have implemented strict social distancing processes for our staff that will eliminate the risk of contagion spreading among our employees. . Any employees that are working in teams will be limited to teams of two. They will have their cars provisioned in the morning to eliminate contact with other employees and community spread. We recommend maintaining the 3 foot distancing rule at all times if you are home while we clean and disinfect areas.

  • Having your home professionally cleaned for health and hygiene is why we are the best choice in choosing a home cleaning partner at this time. We believe we have created some of the best systems and processes in the home cleaning industry to help combat the spread of the coronavirus.

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