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FAQ - Specials Package Deals

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1 - Manager your cleaning online(website) or by email or phone number.

     1.1 - Online

              - Before buy the package, you will be request to do Sign up.

              - You will receive a email to confirm your account.

              - Back to the site and purchase your package.

              - Desktop: Next to menu (In the top right of the screen)  click your name and select "My bookings".

                 Mobile: Click on Menu and click in your name. Select "My bookings".

              - View, reschedule or cancel your bookings and easily book again.

     1.2 - email:

     1.3 - Phone number: (408)679-6678

2 - Book Date and time.

     2.1 - The cleaning need to be schedule 48 hours before.

     2.2 - The cleaning will be confirmed by our office.


3 - You can add extra services. Contact our Office. You will charge a part.


4 - Use your full package in until 6 months. Expire in 6 months.     

5 - Cancellation and Refunds: 

     5.1 - We are a 100% guarantee company and upon evaluation of a space that is not completed in excellence we will come back within 24hrs to complete service. We do not offer any refunds under any circumstances after cleaning be done.

     5.2 - If you need to do cancellation we refund 50% of Package remaining.

 We thank you for your understanding! 

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